Investing In Education

Zach Bashirtash for PBVUSD


Dear Friends:
As you may know, I have been blessed with the opportunity to campaign for a position on the Panama Buena Vista School Board. As a trustee, we have the responsibility to provide school oversight, and that includes ensuring the top curriculum, safe facilities, and an atmosphere that provides each student the ability to achieve their potential.

I’m a businessman and along with my wife, Cecily, we are parents of three children; we are passionate about education. Our children and all of Bakersfield’s students’ futures rests on the shoulders of leaders who stand up and speak out to ensure the highest quality education that our children deserve.

I am certain you agree that parents have the right and responsibility to make certain that our children are taught from materials appropriate for their age and not from some group’s political or social agenda. Also, we expect strong oversight on how tax dollars are spent.


Zack Bashirtash is running for Panama Buena Vista Unified School District Board Trustee. You can donate to the campaign using the secure donation form by clicking below.


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